The Prayed Over Plants

“If we trust in the sovereignty of God, we wrestle our way to peace in the knowledge that if an answer to prayer is for our highest good, the God who loves us will not withhold it.” – Lana Bateman

I think it’s safe to say that people have always questioned prayer and in result of that, we question our Heavenly Father. We wonder why he allowed Katrina to happen or why a car wreck takes a loved one while America’s Most Wanted live on. In our own personal prayers, we may ask for something and feel as if it goes un-answered. I don’t think there are unanswered prayers. God has the capacity to know what is best for us, every single one of us. He answers us either way, we just may not be open to seeing it because it’s not what we wanted.

In college, psych majors were required to write a thesis. One particular guy decided he would study the power of prayer by taking three groups of plants, a control group, a water & sunshine group, and a prayer group. In the control group, he would leave the plants to do what they would. Group 2 plants received water and sunshine. The third and final group was prayed over. (No, I’m not pulling your leg) Needless to say, this guy didn’t get the best grade in the class. The professors discussed how this wasn’t exactly scientific but they couldn’t dissuade him from continuing on with his research. The result? Big surprise– the group that was receiving nutrients from the sun and water thrived the most.

My point in sharing this story is that I think people find it hard to believe that prayer may actually change the way events happen around us. I can see how it might be hard to recognize if seemingly no prayer of yours has been answered, but the key is remembering that you have God on your side, a being who knows so much more about you than you do. He loves us and wants what’s best for us.

I challenge you today to forget what the world may say about prayer (pros and cons) and get on your knees to talk to God and see how He’ll change YOU! By simply saying: “Lord, forgive me of my sin…” you’re placing a little more faith in God that he has the power to do so. By praying for a sick loved one you are believing that the Lord can heal that person or direct His will upon that life.

They’re not empty words. The bible says to pray without ceasing! If you start talking with God more, it will change you.


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